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Datta Darshan

By: V K Nulkar

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  • Pages:380 pages
  • Binding Type:Paperback
  • Edition:01
  • Weight:360 gram
  • Length:8.5 inch
  • Width:0.75 inch
  • Height:5.5

Product Description

This consists of elaborate information of the deity Datta and the particular ways to worship HIM. t gives us information about the various forms of Datta, HIS Sampradayas-tradition or religious system, the places where HE stayed, the stotras and mantras related to HIM, etc. We get the feeling of getting closer to HIM while reading this book..As mentioned in Brahma Purana, Shree Datta took birth with the sole aim of giving proper recognition to the Vedas, renascence of the Yagya system and eradication of harshness in the four Varnas.This book is a compilation of all the relevant information about this deity which is otherwise not so easily available


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