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Brahmasutra - Part 3

By: Dr Shreekrushna Deshmukh

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  • Pages:475 pages
  • Binding Type:Hard Cover
  • Edition:01
  • Weight:620 gram
  • Length:8.5 inch
  • Width:1.5 inch
  • Height:5.5

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"The principal of Brahma or the Brahma Tatva is the eternal truth. It is very subtle, minute and all-embracing. It is unique, timeless, eternal, joyfull and attentive to the good mind and endless i.e. satchit and ananta. It is very intricate to understand. The original writing on the principle of Brahmatatva by Shankaracharya is extensive and scholarly. Brahmasootraas describe about the soul that it gets gati after the death,how Dehabuddhi takes form due to vishesh dnyan and adnyan, it has been described in detail."


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