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Malati Madhav, Avimarak

By: Dr Anjali Parvate , Shanta Shelke

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  • Pages:368 pages
  • Binding Type:Hard Cover
  • Edition:01
  • Weight:500 gram
  • Length:8.5 inch
  • Width:01 inch
  • Height:5.5

Product Description

"Malatee Madhav: Bhavbhootee: Translated by Shanta Shelke. This is a love story of Malatee, the daughter of Bhurivasu and Madhav the son of Devrat. Kamandaki, friend of Bhurivasu and Devrat, though a Bauddha Bhikku, plays an important role in bringing Malatee and Madhav together. After coming across many hurdles the youngsters succeed in getting married with each other. This story reveals the Indian culture in great details. Avimarak: Bhasa: Translated by Dr. Anjali Parvate (Rs. 300/) Avimarak, the hero is the son of King Sauvirraj and is actually named as Vishnusen. Due to the curse of Sage Chandbhargav; the king along with his family has to perform the duties of executioner for a period of one year. During this period, king Sauvirraj along with his family takes refuge in Vairanteya, the kingdom of Kuntibhoja. Meanwhile, as Vishnusen kills the demon ‘Avi’ people start calling him ‘Avimarak’ the killer of Avi. His mother Suchetana is the sister of King Kuntibhoja. Kurangi, the daughter of Kuntibhoja falls in love with Avimarak and after many hurdles; the love story finds a happy ending."


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