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Malavikagnimitra, Vikramorvashiya

By: Prof Ram Shewalkar

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  • Pages:362 pages
  • Binding Type:Hard Cover
  • Edition:01
  • Weight:490 gram
  • Length:8.5 inch
  • Width:0.75 inch
  • Height:5.5

Product Description

"Malvikagnimitra was the foremost which created an awareness towards drama. It is based on the real story of the marriage of the king of Vidisha and the princess of Vidarbha; the division of Vidarbha under the leadership of Agnimitra to end the conflict between the princess of Vidarbha; the sacrifice at the ‘Yagya’ performed by Pushyamitra and the attainment of victory of Vasumitra by destroying the Yavanas on the banks of the river Vankshoo. The curse of the command of Siddha gets the prominence in the Malvikagnimitra. Kalidasa has woven all these incidences harmoniously. Vikramorvasheeya was the drama based on the dialogues between Pururava and Urvashee which are mentioned in the ‘Sanvadsukta’ in the Rigveda. This dialogue had taken place after the famous and beautiful courtesan Urvashee had left the mighty king Pururava. Their separation is due to the curse of the command of Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva. The king requests the courtesan to return back to him while she urges him to forget her. Pururava is brave and loves Urvashee intensely and sincerely. Kalidasa has very powerfully presented the dialogues between these two trying to combine the heaven and the earth."


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