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Prashnottar Ratnamala, Hastamalkiya Bhashya, Upadesh Sahastri (Gadya)

By: Dr Anjali Parvate

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  • Pages:272 pages
  • Binding Type:Hard Cover
  • Edition:01
  • Weight:400 gram
  • Length:8.7 inch
  • Width:0.9 inch
  • Height:5.7

Product Description

"This book is especially devoted to many realistic questions and related suitable answers. Many of the questions are based on the routine life, yet separate attention is paid to Parmartha or highest truth. Hastamalkeeya Bhashya: This is an appreciation by the spiritual teacher of his exceptionally intelligent students which is actually in the form of a small commentary. The teacher asks questions and Hastmalaka, one of the disciples answers them describing the all-pervasiveness of the soul in turn. These questions and answers are in the form of shlokas. Upadesh Sahastree: . The original work under this is divided into prose and poetry. Many questions are philosophically discussed here by the Guru satiating the thirst of knowledge that his disciples are experiencing. A few of these questions are enough to get an overall idea of the work. They are; What is the parameter of an ideal disciple? Should the worldly practical household person discard and sacrifice the Karma? Are the feelings and emotions that affect the Jeeva or individual in relation to their original nature or uninvited? How can the changed form of Jeeva be proved?"


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