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Upadeshsahasri (Padya)

By: Dr Anjali Parvate

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  • Pages:212 pages
  • Binding Type:Hard Cover
  • Edition:1
  • Weight:320 gram
  • Length:8.5 inch
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Product Description

This work is more logical than being artistic or inspirational. It is rather concise in nature. All the 19 chapters are devoted to Acharya. They disprove with the Prasangakhyanyas and Dnyan-Karma Samuchhay Vaad. Shankaracharya has strongly disproved the Parthiv Prakarna. He has smashed all the opinions of Buddha, Jain, and Sankhyas with great passion. The Tat-Tvam-Asi chapter especially points out that the method of the Anvaya or the relation and the Vyatirek that is being separate should be extensively used for explanations. The presentation of the Adwait philosophy is through the dialogues between the Guru and his disciple. These are not just plain explanatory dialogues; on the contrary the objections and disapprovals are also part of it.


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